Lending money is regarded as the safest way to invest. It’s safer than buying shares because the price of shares move around, aka 'are volatile', which means the value of your investment changes. But if you hold a loan until the end of the agreed term, you will get your money back. And, interest is paid regularly throughout the loan. What’s the risk? A loan turns bad if the place or person borrowing your money goes bust. To reduce this risk, you can find places that are unlikely to go bust such as stable companies or developed governments. And, if you lend to places that are not as 'stable' you will be compensated with higher interest payments. That’s the thing with loans, the higher the risk the more interest paid. 

Read this guide to learn how you can lend your money in return for interest payments. 

This is not professional advise. If you need some of that speak to a Financial Advisor!

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