Some current accounts pay more interest than saving accounts! Here are MOXI's top picks. 

No. 1 Santander's 1|2|3 Current Accounts - For the larger savers 

     Paying 1.5% on balances up to £20,000. Apply Now


For savers who can take advantage of Direct Debit cashback deals or those who have at least £12,000 to put aside (if you can do both, even better!). Play by the rules and it's the best easy-access interest rate deal out there earning you up to £300 extra a year!

Account Rules & Extras:
  • There's a £5 monthly fee (£60 a year) which can be covered by monthly cashbacks on household bills, more on that below.
  • You have to pay-in at least £500 a month. 
  • You must set-up at least two Direct Debits (that includes mobile, council tax, Santander mortgage, etc.) The good news? You'll get 1 to 3% monthly cashback on selected household bills. 

Use Santander's Current Account calculator to find out if this account is for you. 

No. 2 TSB's Classic Plus Account - For those starting out

  Paying 3.0% on balances up to £1,500. Apply Now


For newbie savers that want to put their first £1,500 to work, this account is perfect. Plus, you could earn up to £165 a year. 

Account Rules & Extras:
  • There's no monthly fee.
  • You have to pay-in at least £500 a month. 
  • You'll get £5 cashback a month (£60 a year) if you set-up two Direct Debits. 
  • Plus, you'll receive an additional £5 cashback if you spend on your debit card at least 20 times in one month (which isn't that hard to do...). 


These accounts require you to pay-in at least £500 a month yet you'll only get interest up to a certain balance. In the long-run you want to avoid keeping more cash in the account than the interest receiving balance so it's wise to use the surplus as part of your regular monthly spends (which includes your household's direct debits) or transfer it into a saving or investment account. 


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